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Experience summer in Turku
with your own boat!

Turku offers the guest harbour a unique location in the city centre. Summertime Turku offers travelers a broad selection of culture, a variety of city events, a great selection of restaurants and cafés and versatile shopping possibilities — everything just a short walk away from the harbour.
You’ll enjoy a lengthy visit in the harbour located in an idyllic and sheltered location on the Aura river bank.


Opening hours:
The port office will be opened during May.

Note: When the harbour office is closed, Restaurant NOOA serves the customers of the port.

Port services; electricity, toilets, evening saunas and waste management available. Payment instructions can be found on the electricity pole.


Some port seats reserved for the TallShipRace event. Inquire about the availability of seats from the port office +358 (0) 400 536 613 or satamapaikka.com


From concerts to circus, from matches to lectures. You’ll find all events from the Turku event calendar.


Turku Guest Harbour offers extensive services. Services are extended with partners and city services.


Reserve your mooring beforehand to ensure that the harbour can accommodate your boat.


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Kausi alkaa olemaan tältä kaudelta ohi

Mikäli haluat vielä veneillä ja tulla satamaan ovat laiturit ja sähköt käytettävissä 15 €/vrk ainakin marraskuun ajan. Muut sataman palvelut ovat tältä kaudelta loppuneet.

Kiitos kaikille asiakkaille ja nähdään taas ensi keväänä!