Turku Guest Harbour offers

  • Septic tank draining
  • Electricity, water, WiFi
  • Waste disposal and recycling
  • Sauna and showers
  • Laundry facilities (paid)
  • Diesel refueling at your dock

Nearby services

  • Restaurants
  • Sightseeing locations
  • Museums and theatres
  • Various sports facilities


Restaurant NOOA is one of the most excellent restaurants in Turku.
NOOA serves lunches in daytime and à la carte in the evenings.
During weekends NOOA transforms into a mingle restaurant, which captivates travelers with its beautiful terraces.

LÅNA is a new way to experience the city. See Turku from the Aura river in your own picnic boat and take in the city! The LÅNA boats are electricity-powered picnic boats which you can sail in the Aura river. Our boats are sturdy, and accommodate groups of 2–8 people. LÅNA boats are solely powered by electricity and are thus completely emission free. The boats have all you need for a day trip: life jackets for the whole party (also for the kids), Bluetooth audio, picnic table and a roof in case of bad weather. For your safety we require that the captain is sober and at least 18 years of age. You don’t need any papers or drivers’ license – the boats are easy to control and we’ll help you get started!

You’ll find all events from the Turku event calendar. The new feature displays the distance to the current events of the calendar as well as their location on the map. You need to enable location services in your smartphone for the app to work.

Satama on auki!

Seuraamme Covid-19 tilannetta ja toimimme sekä THL:n että hallituksen ohjeistuksen mukaisesti.

Saunat ja suihkut ovat toistaiseksi poissa käytöstä 31.5. asti.

WC:t ovat normaalisti käytössä, mutta käyttäjien määrää rajoitetaan. 

Maksathan kortilla tai etämaksulla. Näin pyrimme huolehtimaan kaikkien turvallisuudesta ja viihtyvyydestä.

Tervetuloa Turun vierasvenesatamaan!

Kysymyksiin vastaamme osoitteessa tai numerosta 0400 536 613

Åbo Gästhamn är öppen!

Vi följer med Covid-19 situationen och därmed THLs samt Statsrådets rekommendationer.

Bastu- samt duschutrymmen är ej i bruk tom. 31.5.

Toaletterna är i normalt bruk men antalet användare är begränsat.

Vi önskar att ni betalar med kort eller fjärrbetalning.

På detta sätt strävar vi efter trygghet och trivsel för alla.

Välkommen till Åbo gästhamn!

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